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Purchase Nest Aware, a startup that provides AI for customer experience management. The company is based in Silicon Valley, California and has been working with customers since 2016 to address the most pressing problems they face in their own home. This new product comes from an experienced team of experts who have over 15 years of experience creating AI-powered solutions. The company was founded by two serial entrepreneurs — Anil Singh & Akshay Kumar.

The company’s key products and services include; customer analytics and personalization, which includes providing insights on what works for your particular person. These insights are developed using proprietary machine learning algorithms that analyze data collected from thousands of users across several thousand websites. This enables businesses to predict which actions will be most effective when interacting with customers in real time. They can then respond accordingly. It also helps them improve profitability by helping increase repeat purchases and more engaged customers.

The founders were looking at how people communicate with computers, but realized there were many other areas in need of improvement. Their core focus came up as part of Customer Experience Management (CEM). CEM focuses primarily on understanding consumer behavior and applying this knowledge to improving the service experience. The use cases range from recommending movie recommendations to adjusting the price for a pizza. We’re here to help you solve your biggest pain points and make everyone happy with these powerful technologies

This platform is used by a wide array of companies around the world including Google, Apple, Uber, Tesla, Yelp, eBay, Expedia, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

“What makes us stand out is our unique approach to artificial intelligence; we build solutions to complex human problems — no matter how simple or complex — because we know that you need it most when things go wrong and people don’t come to you.”

Anil Singh

The founder’s background in computer engineering and software development gives him a deep understanding of what matters for brands today:

“Our tech is designed for enterprises and startups to work with large enterprise platforms, and our products are built around data on billions of interactions. Our goal is to democratize access to artificial intelligence and make the power of AI accessible to every business, no matter where your operations are located.”

Akshay Kumar

The CEO and cofounder of my team says “It starts with solving your customer problem! By doing so, we’ll find ways to serve you better, faster, more intuitively and more securely than ever before. As a result, we provide superior engagement that delivers business benefits. That means you not only get great satisfaction but happier as well”

This feature is available now worldwide across all major mobile and desktop web browsers — allowing you to start seeing results in just seconds.

For more information about Purchase Nest Aware, please visit: https://www.nestaware.com/

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