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twilight movies in order

So, how do you explain a cult film to your native or non-native culture?

My original opinion was that the best way to do this is by asking my American cousin. This cousin seemed to be able to quickly translate from The Twilight movies to other films. If you asked him he would probably tell you the Twilight movies were just other types of vampire stories, not really the original vampire stories. You can conclude from that that there are so many movies involving vampires it’s hard to select the best, the reason why I bought Twilight was the first good vampire movie I’ve ever seen. For them there were lots of

fans to be excited about.

I do believe there are a lot of vampires based movies, and a lot of them seem to apply to the vampires of Twilight, that includes the magic and the supernatural (minus the messed up dresses). So, if it is a good idea to claim the Twilight movies are some sort of franchises; they should be placed in order of where and what part they are best.

So where are the coolest vampires?

I didn’t find as many cool vampires as I would’ve expected. They seem to be fit for HBO instead of Teen Vogue. These vampires all seem like they are their own world, with a different code and also have different attitudes. I personally enjoy their culture more than their vampire status.

I’m told they aren’t really just zombies, but I like that interpretation, I feel like it’s the real reason they have this odd name.

What’s your favourite scene?

I’ve found myself watching vampires obsessively, and they usually take place under dark colours and in darker places, I enjoy watching things that push boundaries in terms of genre and theme. My favourite scene is the one that starts off with Cullen and Jacob walking outside. It seems like Cullen and Jacob are on a date, which is where we first meet the two friends, but then gives us the first Vampire Moments. I love the whole scene, if you watch it two or three times you can also tell that, mostly because you aren’t able to tell what was going on, it’s a little different when you watch on your own.

What do you think is their main connection?

I think the main connection is that they both attend Taunted together at the club and watch vampire shows for its mystery and fantasy. There isn’t a story line in the Twilight that doesn’t take place at a vampire restaurant in Taunted.

What’s the thing that worries you about the next films?

I’m worried that the next two movies will be characters we haven’t seen before. I don’t think the Cullen family would be good enough for becoming hated.

I think it was cool how this began a relationship and the cool characters that later came into the Twilight movies.

What do you think of Taylor Lautner’s performance?

I think he’s doing well, if a lot of his lines are a little funny and full of slightly inappropriate humour, then that’s funny for me.

I also think he’s attractive and has a good relationship with his girlfriend. He likes the local food, and seems to be very comfortable in his own skin. The Goth look isn’t out just yet, but I’d like him to be more comfortable in a vampire costume for a bit longer.