the q coins latest update fully explain

the q coins latest update fully explain

Imagine a magic glove you can wrap around your arm! While that is nothing more than mind control, imagine using your actual power as one of an emperor or god. And imagine the magic glove many people wish for in real life.

When i first heard about q coins, I thought they were a waste of money. It was not until I started playing around with them that I wondered how they’d work.

Q Coins + Blockchain

One of the many uses of Q Coins are payment. Now, what is the difference between a currency, and a currency? The Q Coins are properties, so they are not unlike standard money. Within the Q Coins blockchain, one asset will have different properties.

How q coins work is straightforward. According to Anand Mitra and Pranay Lakshmanan:

“… whenever a transaction is performed, according to the rules of the system, a certain cryptocurrency token is generated. However, in a cryptographic case, one may acquire the right to inspect and perhaps devalue the verified transaction.”

Using the 21Q coin as a reference to the system makes it easy to know how each of the properties have changed. For example, where one is located, who they are linked to, the date or time, and the value of one of the properties.

But let’s jump deeper into this…

Token Sale For Q Coins:


But before anyone knows the connection between q coins and Zomba. It is important to understand the mindset behind the sale.

Payment is not easy. Without understanding what it is the current blockchain does, it can be difficult to calculate which currencies are comparable and how much of each you should invest in the coin. But when you see certain percentage values in the coin, there should be a way to tell whether a particular coin is oversold. Also, be careful of what you buy because of the “world outside the blockchain”.

Since Q Coins are Zomba, buying or selling them is possible. But before buying or selling, make sure you understand the blockchain and tell a person who can help understand.

Customize q coins

Customize your q coins and you can increase or decrease the possibility of making the “right move”.

If the zomba wants to change the coin into another coin that shows that it cannot do that, Q’s network can change the zomba coin to a new, similar token.

Here is a better illustration: imagine you’re working at a dessert food place. You get a customer at the counter, who says that she cannot order dessert, since it is not lunch or dinner.

However, another customer approaches the counter and orders dessert with a coupon for a full meal. This means that she will be given dessert for lunch or dinner, in addition to a discount. But if the zomba also desired a tray, for the said order, it would have received a discount, and a carton of dessert.

Following the customer’s order, q coins that represent butter would be printed on the tray that makes to eat it. The tray would have five percent gross, and would be displayed on her screen.

If we compare this situation to the situation of paying money with currency, we’d find our drinks changing. But when we were buying tea or cup of coffee, we’d not see a drink drop from their tray, as it shows in the equation (tar, tonic, milk, and sugar) of q coins from the menu.

This is why the q coins are customizable; it gives q fans a type of platform where they can customize their Q coins.

Create yourself:

By creating yourself, you add your identity on the decentralized currency market.

One of the other purposes to spend q coins is to power the current blockchain ecosystem. Now, we know that without knowledge of the Ethereum blockchain, you might just end up spending q coins in a store, instead of realizing you have created your own currency with the q coins and creating an identity on the blockchain.

By creating yourself you would be able to use the q coins power the current blockchain ecosystem without knowing that it’s an ETH-based currency, but without getting excited about blockchain further.

You can see how q coins look like here:

Note that q coins have properties compared to their currency cousins. Q coins have an ETH value. This might seem like one of the currencies all over the world. But, when one changes the q coin value, it changes them into one of the currency alternatives.


Now that you understand Q Coins and their ease to customize q coins’ power, lets take it a step further. Have a look at how q coins do not compare to currency as they aren’t digital objects, but rather a finite number of unique crypto-currency pairs.

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