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3 scary True  chuck e cheese stories.      ⬇️

remember chuck e cheese that old arcade with the singing animatronics of course you do i just found out they went bankrupt recently  it made me think back to my horrible experience there as a very little kid
i was no older than eight or nine it was
like my third and last time ever at a chuck e cheese this specific location closed down years

ago but it used to be basically down the
street from our old house my mom took my little brother and i and she let us roam free and do our own thing and play the games while she sat at one of the tables reading like most of the other parents
i was playing this clown game where you
had to shoot the clown's teeth out with
this little cannonball shooter i was playing the games that would get me the most tickets for the prizes

i finished the game again and the tickets shot out from the ticket slot that's when i felt a tap on my shoulder i turned and jumped in my seat i was greeted with a
giant chucky cheese mascot in my face
he held out his hand for a high five and
naturally i gave him his high five with a smile he then pointed at the tickets and gave me a thumbs up  i think i just continued laughing and smiling and said yeah

then he pointed at the tickets once more
and motioned for me to follow him so i ripped the tickets from the slot and followed the giant mascot as we walked across the main floor a couple other kids around like six came up to him saying hey chucky and he gave them both high fives
i kept following him wondering if he'd
tell the other kids to follow but he didn't he would turn back every few seconds to make sure i was still following

finally we made it across the main floor
by the stage towards this back area
where he waved me to follow him through
this employees only door  from what i remember about how i was feeling let's just say a combination of weird and excited we entered this narrow hallway
and i felt kind of special for being
allowed access back here keep in mind i had the mind and maturity of a very young child

the mascot led me to this back room
where he motioned for me to enter first
so i did it was the small changing room
type of room it had a few lockers on one wall and one long bench extending half the length of the room that was it he entered the room and shut the door behind us
and i noticed he locked it that's when i
became confused and afraid i thought he was taking me to get a bunch of free tickets what could he possibly do in this empty room with me

he approached me put his furry mascot
hand on my shoulder and then started rubbing from my shoulder to my arm
then he seemed as though he tried to
reach lower with both of his hands
and i pushed him off and yelled stop
that's when the person in the suit lifted the mask off his head revealing some sweaty middle-aged man underneath he started to remove the rest of the costume from himself as he told me to be quiet i sat there watching shaking and plodding my way for the door when i thought he was distracted enough by the suit i tried to run past him for the door

but he grabbed me and told me to stop he
offered me all the free tickets i wanted
if i just behaved i started to yell and pound on the door he tried to cover my mouth but i think he gave up when he realized it wasn't worth the risk for him i unlocked the door and ran back down the hall in tears i ran back to my mom yelling at her
about what just happened she was distraught and went right to the front desk
the girl at the front desk seemed to be in a panic as well and i think she called for her supervisor pretty soon all the music was stopped and the police was put into a lockdown of sorts where all the kids were to go to their parents a bunch of workers ran to the back section

and eventually police showed up outside
i had to give my whole story to a crowd
of like six people and i was extremely
nervous the man in the chucky suit was some random creep who snuck into the back section of the building to dress in one of the suits and apparently lure children to the back realizing and looking back at that now as a grown adult is disturbing and disgusting that i was the victim of a predator i never found out if that monster was caught

i used to work for chuck e cheese very
briefly when i was 21 years old
i was one of the janitor slash
maintenance workers i know not very
awe-inspiring i was broke as hell and needed money all my job really entailed was cleaning tables and keeping the play areas generally clean sounds easy but there was never really a time to just sit and take a breath there was always something to clean or take care of

i would also be in charge of turning on
and off the animatronics opening the stage curtains fixing busted arcade machines and things of that nature
my shifts would always be later from like 4 to 10 pm my location closed at 8 on weekdays and 9 on weekends

i would stay an hour sometimes 2 hours
after to get the police in top shape ready for the next day so this one night i was working past clothes like i usually did
everyone had already left the building
including the other workers so i was the last one in the building i was dragging my cleaning cart around the arcade area
i had already turned off all the game
machines i was by that space-themed arcade

machine where you had to press the
button at the right moment to stop the
light on the jackpot bulb as i was passing by this machine the space-themed music suddenly emits from the machine
at a very loud volume and all the lights
start flashing again i felt like my heart was in my throat that's how much it startled me i fiddled with my keys to access the
control port of the machine to turn it
off again

i'd never seen anything like that happen
before it suddenly just freaked me out only because i was all alone in that big building pretty late at night the weirdness didn't stop there though by this point in the night i had already shut down the animatronics on the stage

so when i heard chucky's pre-recorded
laugh break the silence of the room
my heart started pounding again the
laugh was short and cut off it almost sounded glitchy i ditched my cleaning cart to go backstage and check on the animatronics and i could see they were in their idle modes now meaning they would move their limbs and heads around every so often i would have to go to the control room

to turn them off but this was the second
strange thing to happen that night i started getting paranoid that someone else was in the building with me but that thought was interrupted and i noticed that the chucky animatronic was facing me and its head angled down

perfectly to look as though it was looking at me it was bizarre bizarre that i was
finding it that disturbing i'm not crazy but for my own peace of mind with my eyes on the chucky animatronic i walked past it closer to the control room i waited there for a few seconds and then the animatronics spun 90 degrees to face me once more

perfectly i swear it was once again looking right at me and then the laughter emitted once again from the animatronic but in a creepy glitchy cut-off manner this time much louder obviously because i was right next to it i ran to the control room to hit the switch to turn everything off on the
stage once more

i left the control room and the chucky
animatronic was still facing the
direction it was moments before
i left the stage through the curtain and
just felt uneasy i was starting to think maybe it was all just getting to my head
but that's when i heard the horrible laugh again come from the stage behind the curtains that was the last draw i took my card clocked out and left i texted my boss the next day that i had to leave early because i was feeling 

extremely sick he said it wasn't a problem but he never mentioned anything about the animatronics being left on and when i asked him if the animatronics had some kind of motion detecting feature to look at people he said no they didn't i'm not the most superstitious guy

but i firmly believe i wasn't the only presence in that building that night and i don't mean there was another person in there this is a story from my childhood that i don't like to look back on too much i was 13. my mom brought my two little sisters and i to chuck e cheese one evening my sisters are four and six years younger than me so it was more for them my mom just wanted me to come along

my mom was playing games with my sisters so i went to do my own thing it was my only time ever at chuck e cheese so i was trying to play every game at least once eventually a worker in a red polo shirt came up to me he was in his lower to mid 20s i'd say

he didn't seem that old he asked me if i wanted some more tokens i said yeah sure he told me to follow him he led me through this sketchy back door which led to a back exit i asked him where he was leading me he said to his truck he told me not to tell anyone but that he had access to all the tokens he wanted

and just kept piles of them in his car i
stopped following when i realized he was
leading me to his car i told him my mom would be mad he tried to push that i follow him a little more but gave up before i walked back inside he asked for my aim username and i gave it to him always excited for new friends on aim

for those of you who don't know aim was
an instant messenger that was all the
rage before smartphones and texting really became a thing i don't remember his username all i know it was something with his name in it which was ben i would sign on to aim every single night including that night after chuck e cheese i signed in and i had a few friends online

next thing i knew i got a message from
ben so i added him to my buddy list he said hey it's been from earlier i replied what's up and we started chatting he chatted with me as if we were good friends already i asked him how he was able to get all the tokens he wanted and he said it's

easy when you work there he told me he was gonna come to my house that night with a bunch of tokens i told him no it's okay and he told me no it's fine you live really close to me anyway i replied how do you know where i live and he said he followed my mom's van on our way home i blocked his account immediately i was

beyond scared i told my friends about it on aim some of them said i should tell my parents or call the police but i waited maybe he was bluffing but no he wasn't i heard a truck pull up outside through my open window i looked out the window and saw the black truck that ben guy was leading me towards earlier i saw him get out from the truck and i know he spotted me because he started walking over to my window i pulled the window in and locked it and then shut the blind by that point he was already halfway to my window and he was waving his arms at me i ran to my mom to tell her she didn't find it funny thinking i was kidding at first

but i convinced her after she looked out
the window and saw the black truck begin
to speed down the road my mom wanted me to show her the aim conversation but i couldn't as i deleted him off my buddy list and blocked him my parents called the police of course but that was just for peace of mind they couldn't do anything besides make a report

the next day my mom called the chuck e
cheese and asked about it ben
they said they had no benz who worked
there there were also no employees
matching that guy's description
the chuck e cheese eventually handed the
cctv footage from the day before to the
police department for an investigation
which turned up no results my family
never went to a chuck e cheese ever
again you