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Taking Care of Your Gold and Diamond Jewellery

Jewelry is one of the most popular and popular items that attract your attention and we are a symbol of prosperity and trust in any case.  This makes it very important to understand how you can take care of and protect your precious gold and diamond jewelry so that it retains its light and shine as a little carelessness can cost you a lot of money.

   Shubha Shringar brings you some tips to take care of your gold and diamond jewelry so that your heirs continue to shine for future generations:

   Safe diamonds and beautiful stones.

   Precious diamonds can lose their luster and shine if you keep touching them.  This is because the oil that comes out of your fingers passes through the diamond and eventually makes it dull.  Jewelry should be kept away from heat, moisture and strong perfumes or chemicals.

   Avoid contact with dust and chemicals.

   It is highly recommended that you remove your jewelry, which contains chemicals and sharp objects, when attempting any work.  It is also advisable to remove or wash your jewelry with soap before entering the pool as chlorine and soap have a negative effect on metals and diamonds.  Soap can make a film on the diamond that does not come out of the wash while bleach and sweat can eat the diamond and jewelry.

   Dress carefully.

   Jewelry should always be worn at the end - after use and use of makeup or hair spray, so as not to contaminate or contaminate your jewelry.  When using heavy makeup, make sure the makeup dries before applying the jewelry and remember to remove your accessories when working with different chemicals and solutions.  Before you dye or dye your hair, remove it so that it does not stick to pieces or brushes.  Always remember to remove the ring and bracelets from the manicure.


   Gently clean your jewelry with a soft cloth or with oil and dust removers and solutions trapped between rocks or iron.  A soft cloth is usually enough to clean it well, but if the jewelry needs a lot of cleaning, make sure you use a well-defined and accurate method.  Do not be too hard on the set rocks.  Use only soft brushes as heavy brushes can dissolve the metal layer and reduce the shine of the jewelry.  Gold belts can be cleaned with hot water, but prolonged exposure to water can be dangerous if the gold itself is filled with precious stones or precious stones such as emeralds or onyx.

   Store properly.

   Separate the gold rings from other metal rings as they can easily scratch the gold.  Gold jewelry is preferred.  It is recommended to wrap your jewelry in soft tissue before storing it as it will absorb all the excess moisture and oil and will prevent discoloration.  Jewelry can be stored better if stored in a sponge or sealed boxes with different ingredients.  Proper storage of your jewelry is an important step to ensure that jewelry or diamonds will not be scratched or broken unnecessarily.

   Seek professional advice.

   Whenever you have doubts, seek professional advice instead of trying.  Too much oil can loosen the spines and you can lose some gemstones if you do not take it regularly.  You need to make sure the mountain is strong.  Gold and diamond jewelry can be inspected from time to time to make sure it is in good condition.  Follow the advice of the jeweler and do not hesitate to visit where needed.

   Gold and diamond jewelry.

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