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 Making the DIFFERENCE in our community if we lead amongst others by example.

Why not present yourself at your local bus stop, and say hello?

Survey each person you meet on the matter of participating in your local activities.

Embrace participation in events and be open to observing an opportunity that may not be readily available.

Find an area you live near and plant a tree.

Romeo and Juliet by Romeo and Juliet Opéra by Venice Company

If you don’t know, find someone from the other side of town.

With this alone you have already made a difference in your community, therefore ensuring you will live a more peaceful life.

Find a way to give your voice by singing, dancing, reading, playing football, running, or completing any other activities that you may find is not tolerated in this type of climate.

To make a difference in our society if you are passionate about writing, join a writing club, plan a community and local-writing-writing-day that promotes mental health, the arts and reading, and spread awareness of topics that need your attention.

To make a difference in our community if you are passionate about photography, start taking photographs.

Romeo and Juliet by Romeo and Juliet Opéra by Venice Company

You are most likely the first person I have met that is without an excuse.  Whether or not I am holding, or heading out to an event.  If I am running late in my sports shoe, am running with someone who wishes to run late in their sports shoe, or am running out for a meal and am late, it’s been challenging.  Yes, the result is failure to meet most of my goals or schedules, but I stayed out to the park for an hour earlier today, and enjoy the solitude, small-talk, and opportunities to take photos of our surroundings.

I am certain that the most successful journeys to success, are those that were not envisioned or planned for, yet, they begin with a plan.  My plan is a schedule, accompanied by a thoughtful schedule, accompanied by confidence.  I always do my best to leave a positive contribution to my community and promote a healthier lifestyle.

  Learning to lead, reading or writing, giving time to either, and keeping the members of my community informed, are the first steps to success.