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A happy win in the North West made it possible Michigan Wolverines to show a handful of goals for a good time, including an unexpected guest.  See what some of the guests said about their visit.

 Michigan players are longing for goals in the province.Another guest who was not announced to play in the Northwest game until Saturday’s visit was Devon Walker of Four Star Cass Tech 2022.

Walker was part of a group of Costek players who went to the Big House for games.  He has been to campus several times and is known for his ability to play on both sides of the ball.

Interestingly, when Walker attended the game in Michigan, Kentucky 247Sports writer Josh Edwards published a crystal ball prediction for wild cats ($).

Edward said Walker, talking to him last Friday, "discovered that Kentucky is currently their leader."  Surprisingly, the Wolverines are now coaching the best Kentucky guards in the state of Michigan.

This hire will be something to watch as the season unfolds as more uncertainty arises about Michigan’s position.

Dedicated son of Michigan at the same time enjoying the fun of game day
2023 class athlete Jai Eugene Jr. took a trip from Louisiana to see for himself the game on Saturday and praised his experience with Brice Marich of Michigan Insider ($).

“My visit was wonderful. They have a remarkable status in Ann Arbor. They have great coaches, players, staff and a large fan base, ”said Eugene.

Despite being included in the quarterback list, according to Eugene, it appears Michigan is hiring him as a defensive midfielder.

“I’ve had a lot of conversations with many coaches from Michigan like coach Clink, one of the back coaches and even coach Harbaugh, but coach Bellamy has hired me a lot of the time,” Eugene said. “They told me they liked my style of play and the way I worked on the defensive side in football. They also like my size and that I can play anywhere in the second round, but overall I like those coaches.

Eugene is not listed yet, but he has discounts from Virginia and Nicholls State. He also has a planned trip to Georgia and Texas later this season.

The in-state CB remains ‘patient’ about receiving a Michigan gift
Another young Michigan who has not yet given up but is looking forward to 2023's three-star Roseville Amare Snowden, who spoke to TMI's Marich about a coaching message from him during the game ($).

“(I spoke) with coach Clink and coach Bellamy then told me to be patient. It's always nice to have a conversation with them. You feel like a family. I think our relationship is strong and we should talk to Will Johnson and Deone Walker next to them. "he said.

Michigan could be a seller here as soon as Snowden already owns offers from the likes of Penn State, Notre Dame, Nebraska, Pitt, West Virginia, Syracuse and others. But being a home school will always give Michigan an extra edge here.

"I loved you," Snowden said of Michigan. “This is my school dream for you to be patient. It has been the school of my dreams since I was a child. ”