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 If I had a dollar every time someone would ask me how to write a book - some of it without suggestions that might go to you and some of your friends for dinner.  So, I have not been asked many times about scams and scams, but often enough to know that this is a popular question.

    I have published four books and one is due out in June.  There are two other things, but it is old and exaggerated (also called "practice").  This is what works for me ...

    * There is a shop

    Here is part of the text: "Pants on the chair chair".  I have some time to sit down to write, let the writing museum play with me.  When it's time to go to bed and I do my night routine, I'm ready for bed.  As soon as drops of vitamin D and K fall on my tongue, I fall asleep, even though I haven't slept before.  It's the same thing this morning: I drink my coffee and read the New York Times daily (I'll always be born in New York), I'm sitting at my desk - and I'm ready to write.  The museum was waiting for me at the time.

    I have a specific playlist or album for each book.  As soon as this music started playing, it became Pavlovian and I was automatically taken to Old Jerusalem, the mountains of Scotland, Los Angeles in 1597 - wherever the book was made.

    * Give yourself time to write ... or not ... or otherwise.

    If I give myself all day to write, I have all day ... I don't really write that much.  It's like saying to yourself, "Oh, I have so much time, so I'll look out the window. And maybe rearrange the drawers or two."  Yes, if I find myself doing other activities, it may be time for me to come up with this idea (see below).  But I feel a little guilty that I didn't write.  If I spend an hour or two at a time, I usually write an hour or two.

    * Put yourself on the ground all the time.

    I'm not good at programming because nothing can speed up the process for me, even though I'm a very fast writer.  I also enjoy open hours.  And, unlike the above, the margin for the whole day of writing is excellent.  And it doesn't matter if one or two drawers are not rearranged.

    * Keep handwritten notes.

    Thoughts often come when I wash dishes, bathe, wrap clothes, and so on.  The best time I can think of is in the car, especially on a long trip.  My phone is always with me, ready to add notes to a small notebook (obviously with a driving sound).

    * Start everything

    You do not need to restart.  And you don't have to spend a lot of time from beginning to end because if every book says so it will change.

    * My writing usually amazes me.

    It seems a bit confusing when we talk about the popularity of books, but I often think about the process of writing.  I know a lot of writers make clear frames.  I am not one of them.  Sometimes I assemble a frame after the game, watch the movement and make sure it works, but that's it.

    I once talked about this amazing thing in a script.  The teacher said, "You say to yourself, 'Can't I believe I wrote it?'  "Everyone laughed, including me.

    But, yes, yes.  I mean.  My characters take their lives.  They often talk to me in the shower or in the car - both places can fill up from time to time.  I think the story goes in a completely different direction.  This is where the magic comes from.

    * Where do ideas come from?

    "I wouldn't tell you if I didn't know!"  Stephen King's interesting and kind answer from his interviewer asked him this question.  I thought he was crying uncontrollably until I saw what he was saying: he doesn't know.  Authors and artists often do not know where their ideas come from.

    My answer when someone asks me this question?  "They just came."  My thoughts came from Aether on my own time and on my own.  I ended my life on Hollywood Lane a few months ago and had no concrete ideas for my next book.  I have enough space to fill the previous book.

    One of the most important things about writing is that you know about it.  My main goal is to gain experience of my life and turn it into stories with meaning, influence and stories and ideas keep coming.

    * Return to this support.

    I understand why it is important for writers to write backwards.  I am lucky that when the door of my room is closed, my family and guests are able to give me their time and space.  There are a lot of letters in it that I call an incubator.

    I once had a job that involved writing, and as I walked down the aisle I felt the need to go to the bathroom out of my imagination.  I hope the people I work with didn't think I was rude, but they probably did because I was.  I grew up with a very smart father who had problems with anxiety, so I understand the creative process.  Although most people don't understand it at all.  "Wow, you can go back to that."  This is not true.  Of course a book or article will be written, but distractions can upset you.  In addition, it can be physically traumatic for us to be deep (and deeply evil) in our flow.

    I jump when someone comes because I write a simple email - how it happened (I would say I'm lost, but I'm not lost, I'm there) I get involved in everything I do  ۔  This is definitely a high level issue that you should be sure about, but it can be frustrating.  On one occasion, I was working on a CD review and reading songs that touched my heart and touched my heart.  I was totally focused on the names, I actually went to another country.  Someone suddenly became (true)