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A wonderful family secret Grant Denyer

•Grant Denyer wept after a shocking secret of his family history was revealed on SBS TV, saying he was "feeling sick".

•Grant  Denyer discovers a terrifying family secret.

•Gabby Petito: Authorities believe in human remains.

•The TV channel accidentally transmits 13 seconds of sex during the season.

•In the SBS program you think you are, Grant  Denyer was told an amazing family secret.

• Grant Denyer  said he was "feeling sick" after discovering a terrifying family secret on the SBS program. Who do you think he is?

•in an article aired last night, the Gold Logie winner was told by a social historian that his grandfather, Charles Ward, had sex with relatives and his eldest daughter in the 1870s, and  Was a child

• A shocking fact came to light when social historian Professor Shirley Swain hosted a dinner with 1877 newspaper clippings of how Charles' daughter, Mary Ann Langley, set fire to a family farm.  Attacked the father

•Denyer read a newspaper article about the court proceedings after the attack: "After the death of his wife (Charles), prisoner Mary Ann was an unmarried adult daughter. There was no other woman in his house except prisoner Mary Ann."  Was. "  Since his wife died and the boy who was in the house at the time of the fire was about six years old, he had no respect and was a relative.

  Grant  Denyer was secretly awful.

•Professor Shirley Swann denied the allegations.

•claim: Grant Diner admitted that he was drunk at sunrise.

•Denyer soon saw the meaning of the newspaper article.

•"No, it's not Charles, Dad? Did you hurt him?"  Denyer asked Professor Swain.

•"She abused him, yes," he continued.  "It was not uncommon for wives in rural Australia to use their daughters in this way."

•"It's one of the darkest mysteries in Australia's rural history," said the historian.

•the disappointed eater replied: "This is very bad and very sad."

•Mary Ann told the court she had no regrets about attacking her father and farm, adding: "You have ruined my body and soul."

•But despite being an adulteress, Mary Ann was sentenced to five years in a labor camp.

•"There's no justice in that. It makes my stomach sick," Denyer said when told about the prison sentence.

•Mary Ann died of pneumonia in 1882 at the age of 38.  Charles died in 1902, 20 years later.

•It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

•Who do you think is as Grant Denyer shed tears in the SBS program?

•Denyer was crying on the SBS program when he spoke of his shock at family privacy.

• "I think when you look at your family history, you want to find something you're proud of, and that's something I'm not," he said.

•The former family manager said he did not know how to tell his family the truth.

•"What do you say? How do you share stories like that? How do I tell that story to my father? It's not what he knew when he grew up," Denyer said.

• You can watch the full episode of Who You Do, What You Do Here.  SBS is required