diesel steam car wash machine , Car Steam Wash

Car Steam Wash 

Steam washing is the process of using smoke that cleans the car's interior and exterior.  Tobacco has been an important ingredient in the cleaning industry for decades due to its efficiency and purity.  Today, steam has become a growing commodity in the car wash industry.

    The steam the steamer produces is so hot that it can remove any grease or aging from the soil, creates enough pressure to break up the dirt and is soft enough not to damage the surface.  In less than a traditional car wash, a steam iron not only cleans your car thoroughly, but also cleans the interior and replenishes engine oil parts.  It can reach places and groups that are too narrow to be fully reached with a pressure washer.

    We have a range of services that recommend washing your cars.  From lengths of tubes and guns to heavy dirt brushes, wax spray bottles and more light!

    Why do you steam wash?

    Car wash is a new generation of car washes.  Wash your car all over the place and get it out of tough turns.

    We advise you to wash your car smoke as it will clean your car from every corner and clean your car.  The power of dry smoke reduces the need for chemicals, which greatly reduces the harmful residue that can reach our gutters.  The main goal is to save water because water scarcity, as we all know, is increasing rapidly.  So we all have to think about it and we have to do something about it.  As you have seen, people spend 100 liters and more on water to wash the car.  They have lost the water they need to wash their car and everyone washes their car a lot.  But with this wash, you can wash your car with only 20 liters of water.  Now imagine how much water is saved by choosing a car smoke wash.

    If the sewage is not treated, you will not only save money on the purchase of a storage tank, but also avoid heavy fines for sewage laws.  Additionally, using some chemical cleaners will save you money on regular purchases of chemicals.  Natural and cheap over time.

    Cleaning application:-

    Clean engine clean.

    Hard-to-reach interior and exterior home, engine components, door closers, floor mats, tires, trunks, accessories, wheelchairs, trims and levers

    Remove stains from outside for a short time and use less water than a filter.

    Non-chemical cleaning.

    Remove dirt, scratches and grease

    Keep the building clean and new.