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100+ Simple Friendly Tattoos

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whether you need to whisper to your in-laws, discuss the latest celebrity news, complain about a list of things to do, get advice for a raise, or just need a standing ovation, that someone understands and listens - that's a true true friend. A good friend does not have to be an intimate friend; it could be a brother or sister, a mother or a father, or a cousin. In fact, friends are the family we choose.

Because the bond between lovers is strong, and it will probably never end, one might consider getting a tattoo of the same best friends. There is no such thing as “friends to the end,” like a friendship tattoo. There are so many different types of friendly tattoos that one can choose to symbolize that love and commitment. We’ve seen detailed drawings with friends drawing tattoos on the face, but sometimes the most important touch comes with a weird tattoo. Here are some simple friendship tattoos that will inspire besties to mark their friendship forever.

Yin & Yang

True friendship is knowing that one is yin and the other is yang. The yin-yang symbol has its roots in Chinese Taoism / Daoism, a religion and philosophy, which explains how the seemingly contradictory or contradictory forces can be complementary, interconnected, and interdependent. The yin, the black swirl, is associated with shadows, femininity; yang, a swirl of light, represents light, love and growth. We also love the background of the calf placement of these tattoos.


These butterflies are even more beautiful because they are colorful. When we get our free twin spirit, a friendly tattoo like this means a lot. Many people and cultures think of butterflies as a symbol of resurrection, transformation, renewal, hope, patience, and the courage to embrace change to make life better.

Glasses of wine

There is no such thing as a glass of wine and a bestie. These tattoos on the fine red wine are a symbol of the unbreakable bond, with the glass curled “cheers!” forever.

Three Hearts

These simple red, yellow, and orange tattoos seem to serve as a wonderful reminder of these three friends. They are a small symbol of memories, celebrations, and life-changing events shared together.

Small Days

Friends who get a tattoo together, stay together. These friends did not get exactly the same tattoos, but the same variations of the sun. The sun is a symbol of a new day and light, this is a great tattoo if the light is exactly what BFF brings to a person's life.


Here is a beautiful twin tattoo. This sign of interlocking waves signifies walking in harmony. In simple words: When two people are the same or do the same, but they both shine in a completely different and unique way. Does this simple friendship tattoo describe a relationship with our partner?


Sometimes, it’s easy to make a big statement, like these tattoos are beautifully drawn by a few great friends. Pisces, a symbol of water, is symbolized by two fish swimming on opposite sides, representing the further separation of the attention of Pisces between myth and reality. This makes these fish the most intelligent, empathetic, and empathetic creatures in the galaxy.


All we need is love ... and amazing tattoos like this! This is a great tattoo for great friends, but also for great friends who are also married. It is very good that it is impossible to complete “LO” without “VE.”


If besties have a sense of humor about this process of getting the same friendly tattoo, what about getting something fun? This vivid, unmistakable design of pizza is a wonderful reminder of heart-to-heart conversations with bestie over a piece.

Four Leaf Clover

A good friend can make us feel lucky in ways that no one else does, and these tattoos perfectly symbolize that. The four-leaf clover leaves are said to represent faith, hope, love, and good fortune. It is often said that Ireland is home to four-leaf clover than anywhere else, which gives meaning to the expression "Irish luck." For those lucky enough to find a four-leaf clover, check out more!

Mother and daughter

Here is another fun and simple friendship tattoo, this time for mom and daughter. Although the design is simple, the year of birth centered on each heart means everything: you were born with love. Instead of a year of birth, some great friends can mark the year they meet, or any other symbolic year of their life together.

'You Are My Person'

When we know that someone is our person, we want to comment on the event. A simple tattoo on a typewriter, and a speech cannot be completed without someone else. This is a beautiful tattoo for a couple to get before or after marriage, too!

Hearts of Flowers

These heart-shaped flowers are a beautiful painting of the same friendship. For those who can't think of a sign or a meaningful statement for both partners, a good thing is always a good reminder of a good friendship.


A favorite phrase (or part of a favorite phrase) is a logical way to close the importance of friendship. That expression can be something that is always said by besties at the same time; a sentence that sends BFFs into laughter; or a few words informing another that you are always thinking about it.

Spotted Hearts

Here are some more hearts, and they are worth copying because they are so beautiful and so simple. As long as it's about love, hearts are the best way to close friendships with tattoos like these.

Sun and Moon

The sun and the moon represent different things in different cultures, but one thing is common in all their diversity. The sun symbolizes strength, strength, and power while the moon represents calmness, beauty, and enlargement.